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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

As school comes to it's final weeks, I am reminded how hard it is to keep up a blog while trying to do well in school, so I will be on hiatus for a short while while I wrap up my freshman year in college. See you all soon!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saints Row: The Third Review

     I decided to take my blog in a new direction, and make it more content based. I will now be mostly writing about music and games, two things I'm very passionate about. To kick it off I'll be doing a review on a game I picked up recently, Saints Row: The Third. Hope you enjoy!

      Warning: May contain spoilers and NSFW content. 

     I had never played any of the Saints Row games before this one, because they never really looked appealing to me, always looks like a GTA ripoff, so I didn't plan on getting the newest installment when it came out. A friend of my, Bert, told me to get it and that it was a blast, especially co-op. At the time I still wasn't sure if I wanted to get it, so time passed and then another friend of mine, Matt talked about getting it to play co-op. I became more interested and decided to pick it up. Now, one thing this game did that I absolutely hate is it requires you to buy it new to play online, by having an online pass. I'm one to buy games used, simply because I like spending the least amount of money I can on something, so when I found that out, I was quite annoyed, however it didn't effect how much I enjoyed the actually gameplay. 


      Now for the storyline. The game takes place in a new city called Steelport, which is a brand new city for the Saints Row series. 
The city of Steelport.
Source: Saints Row Wiki

     The first game took place in the city of Stilwater, so for players of the first two games, it offered a new environment to play in. The city has three main gangs:

Source: Saints Row Wiki
                                         The Deckers, led my Matt Miller, pictured above.

Source: Saints Row Wiki
                                 The Luchadores, led by Eddie "Killbane" Pryor, pictured above.

Source: Saints Row Wiki 
                                          Morning Star, led by Phillipe Loren, pictured above.

     All three gangs are part of an international gang known as The Syndicate, also led by Phillipe Loren. Each gang has its own territory in the city, Morning Star controlling the most. Each gang has unique qualities about them, each having it's own theme. The Deckers are a more cyber/technological gang, the Luchadores are all based on, well, Luchadores, and Morning Star are all, almost businessman like, wearing suits similar to the one Phillipe Loren is wearing the the picture above. 

     New to Steelport, the Saints want to of course take over, which is what most of the story is about, you trying to take control. However the gan problem soon becomes a bigger problem, and a new military force, called the STAG, is called to the city to try to eliminate the gang problem that's plaguing the city. This means on top of fighting the other gangs, you're also trying to deal with the problem of the STAG interfering. Along the way, you gain some very unique allies.

Source: Saints Row Wiki

The first being Angel De Le Meurte, an ex-luchador and rival to Killbane, who joins you to ultimately seek revenge against Killbane. He is also voiced by Hulk Holgan. 

Source: Saints Row Wiki

The next is Zimos, who is Steelport's oldest pimp. He plays the role as a pimp very well, and knows how the business runs. He carries his microphone with him in order to speak, due to him having a tracheotomy, and his voice is always autotune. 

Source: Saints Row Wiki
The last one I'll talk about is Oleg Kirrlov. Oleg is a giant man, with super strength, but also a genius. He was held captive by The Syndicate in order to clone him, however they could only clone his strength, not his intelligence. He is also very secretive when it comes to his life before meeting him at Syndicate Tower. 

     The game plays a lot like the Grand Theft Auto series does, and like most sandbox games. The city is yours for whatever you want to do. The player has a level, which is increased by earning what is called, "respect."You earn respect by doing certain challenges, missions, special stunts, etc. There are also upgrades you can purchase with money, such has less damage from bullets, fire, falling, or increased ammo for certain guns. You unlock these by leveling up. You may also upgrade your weapons, most of them having 4 upgrades. Eventually the player may have infinite ammo, immunity from most damage, and auto reloading guns if they chose to purchase those upgrades. 

    The game has a main story line, but has some mini missions in between, like side missions. Most are just to introduce you to the activities of the game. The activities are minigames that you can play, and there are 10 activities in all, 6 returning from previous games and 4 brand new ones. There are also  diversions, such as assassination and car thefts. 

     The whole game is just whacky. The weapons, the clubs, the sex dolls. There's just a lot of weird yet funny stuff. For example one section of collectibles are sex dolls. 

Yeah, sex dolls, best part is when you collect them, they squeak.
Source: Saints Row Wiki
     My favorite whacky thing is the weapon, the penetrator. It's a giant purple dildo on a bat, you beat people with. Think I'm kidding?

Source: Saints Row's Website
     The multiplayer for this game is basically just co-op. I personally believe it was much more fun doing the entire story again with a friend, and even just being in the world with a friend makes it that much more fun. Other than co-op there isn't any sort of other multiplayer, however I feel that co-op was enough for multiplayer, as it's just as fun. 

The Not-So-Good
     While this game was immensely fun, there were a few things that I felt could have improved.

1) The endings. The mission at the end where you chose to murder Killbane, I felt like the whole fight scene with Killbane was just unimaginative. There was no challenge, you basically did a few button combos the game told you to do, and bam he's dead. Then the last mission Stag Film, where you have to blow up the Daedalus, it seemed way too easy, it was like pew pew pew, bam, the things dead. The flying fortress that was STAGs last hope was just torn apart from a few bombs. Just seemed boring. 

2) Customization. I felt like while there was a good amount of it, there could have been more to it, more items of clothes, more options for a body. My biggest complaint was the facial hair just looked like it was scribbled on by a pen, which I'm not sure if they did it purposely to add to the cartoonyness of the game. 

3) Controls. I feel like this was my biggest gripe. Sometimes I'd go to take someone as a human shield, and my guy would instead carjack a car that's 100 feet away instead. Other times when trying to board a helicopter or VTOL, it just was so choppy and annoying to watch your character have to do some animation like walking around the whole vehicle. Overall, sometimes it just seemed like the controls were not as smooth as they should have been. 

      I feel this game is something that if you're looking for something fun, this is the game. It provides a new world to explore, and ultimately do whatever you want in the world. It provides a good storyline, and many other things to do even when you finish all the missions. The co-op is also a blast if you play with a friend, and there's always something entertaining to do. 

So overall I give it:

 4 Purple Dildos out of Five!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Post on Sunday

     I usually work all weekend, which makes it hard for me to get post done, but I have Sunday off for Easter. I've decided I'm going to make this more of a music/game theme blog, posting reviews and things like that. So expect a review or something on Sunday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blog Direction

      I've been thinking about where I want to take this blog, and right now I'm trying to keep it away from a one topic specific blog, because then I only appeal to a small audience. I try to keep my post both funny and interesting, that way I can get people who actually enjoy my posts. My question to you is, is there anything specific you'd like to see my write about? Or is my current kind of all over the place post okay. Appreciate the feedback!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guns N' Roses and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

     I try to keep this blog having a variety of a post, just so it can hopefully appeal to everyone, but one thing I could write forever about is Guns N' Roses. I figured I'd write a post about the RRHOF ceremony coming up. Earlier this year Guns N' Roses got inducted into the Hall of Fame, and that time is coming up  fast. April 14th is going to be a very interesting day. Inductees are Axl, Slash, Duff, Steven, Izzy, Matt and Dizzy. I think that is who should be in, as big of a NuGunner I am, they don't deserve to get in. In case you didn't know, Axl still seems to have a problem with Slash, which just makes this whole thing a potential to be a disaster. Supposedly, everyone was confirmed to be attending, however Izzy recently stated he would not be attending. This didn't surprise me, I figured there was a better chance of Axl showing up to the whole shindig. Izzy's never really been one for the whole spotlight drama scene, which is why I'm not surprised. Axl is supposedly going, and so is Dizzy, but I know if Axl doesn't go Dizzy won't bother. Slash, Duff, Steven and Matt are going though.

     People want to see them perform, even just for one night. I would love to see it, but I think it'll ruin everything Axl and the new band has worked for. I know they won't play though, there's not a chance in hell. Steven kind of ruined that chance by calling the new band a bunch of hacks. He just can't shut his damn mouth. He did take it back the next day, but it was still said.

     Basically I'm hoping they can go up, accept the award, bury the hatchet, and move on. For one night, just for the fans. That's all I ask, but who knows how it'll turn out. Oh and Green Day are the ones inducting them. I think they could have chose someone better, but I'm okay with it. I used to love Green Day when I was kid.

     I'll have another post later in the week, until next time!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Blogging Community

     This will be a minor post, but I just wanted to say I'm so glad to see the Blogger community picking back up! Before I left it was a thriving, fun community of people always looking to see interesting new content from other bloggers. When I cam back from my 6 month hiatus it had completely died. The past month has been a tough one trying to get an active community of followers that I can share my content with, and explore their content as well, and I almost just gave up. Now it's getting back up to a thriving community, and I'm glad to see it that way! I'll have a new post this week and a mini post thrown in. So here is to the new community!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of a CWPrice Employee

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     So I didn't get to post anything on Friday because of work, which is what I'll be posting about today. I figure it's a topic that I can write a fair amount about, yet isn't too too boring. So I work a place called CWPrice, which took over some of the old AJ Wrights that closed down. Our store opened in August but I worked there a few weeks before we opened. It's like a a basic retail store, but with some off brands as oppose to all name brands, however since we've opened we've started getting more and more name brand clothing. It's also really cheap compared to other stores.

     So what do I do? Well for a majority of my time there I worked in layaway. Basically cashiering with a twist. I'd have to put away layaways, recall them, restock expired ones etc etc. Not the most exciting, however after doing it so long, it became like burned into my head. I could almost do it in my sleep. I remember one lady telling me that I was really efficient with what I do, which made me feel really good. I also tend to reorganize everything, because some people who work layaway tend to just make everything one big mess.

     I'm also in charge of recovering accessories, which I don't mind, it's a very small department, and cleaning it takes about 15 minutes. Which is why I tend to help the girl in shoes clean her area, that and I enjoy talking to her anyways. I've worked just about every department in the store, the only thing I don't have too much experience with is customer service, which I really have no interest in doing. Lately however they've put me in the back room, for receiving. I love it. It's just perfect. Basically what I do is go over the shipment we got, print out keyrecs for all the boxes, check whats inside, record what we got, and make tickets for it. It sounds simple, but it can be a lot of work, especially when they tell you they want "x" amount of boxes done before I leave. Right now I'm about a one pallet per hour guy, but that'll change as I work more. Being in the back is nice, because for the most part I'm by myself and have no one bothering me. I can take my break when I want, and can leave the store right at close without having to recover. Plus 8 hours in the back flys by, whereas in the front it drags on and on and on and on.

     I was originally placed in the back with another girl because the person in the back was becoming more and more unreliable, and my manager told us we were two of the most reliable people seeing as we're never late or callout. The girl who I was being trained to be a backup for trained me a little, then basically stopped showing up. She was supposedly pregnant but we suspected she was faking so she had an excuse not to show up for work. Now she's gone, and I'm in the back for good now. Except Sundays I'm layaway, but oh well I can deal with 7 hours a week in layaway.

     I like my job, good hours, I love my managers, man they're freakin hilarious, as are my coworkers. It's just a good place to work. Originally we did a mass hire of 85 people, then after a few weeks cut to about 50, and I'm glad I made the cut. I plan on working there, well, as long as I can until I get a job in my career choice. So to spice this blog up here are some pictures of the store!

The view from my register.

The layaway storage.

Where I sit and rest sometimes. It's cozy haha.

My counter.

Our new vending machines in the break room! Just got them Saturday. 
     So yeah, not the most exciting job, but it's a good job. Hope you enjoyed it and until next time!